Dimensiones: 145.05 x 114 X 2.04 cm.
Técnica: Acrílico / Tela
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Adonay Duque
(b.1954,Coro Venezuela)

Duque studied at the School of Visual Art ''Cristobal Rojas'' in Caracas, and later participated in the workhop ''Luz, Color y Visión'' with Miquel Laufer. From 1978 to 1983, Duque was a member of the faculty of the Univeridad Complutense de Madtid,Spain, where he taught painting and engraving. He workedin the Taller de Grabado de Estudio in Florence,Italy,and at the Atelier Hachette in Paris, France.


Duque's art has been exhibited internationally since the 1980s. Duque specializes in pictures of himself, exploring the complexitie of his inner self through his facial expressions.Thick,quick brushstrokes in bright colors aid him in this quest. He also usesa large format in order to magnify the struggle of the human psyche within his large depictions.Duque believes in the universality of emotions and attempts to express the prevalence of this theme in this era of globalization.